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Things to Do in Stockholm


In 24 Hours

Stockholm is a city built on islands, 14 islands, and surrounded by two large lakes, the Baltic Sea and the fresh water lake Mälaren. Therefore the very best way to see the city is by boat, Stockholm by Water. So take a boat tour!

 The Old Town is the historical, medieval centre of Stockholm, don’t miss it! Walk the alleys, visit the squares, listen to the musicians, have lunch and why not dinner in one of the many restaurants. And make the best of your time by joining one of the walking tours of a Local Guide.


In 48 Hours

But, hopefully, you have more than 24 hours to spend in Stockholm, so what to do when you’ve been on a boat tour and strolled through the narrow and romantic alleys of the Old Town during the first day?

One attraction you should definitely not miss out on is the Vasamuseum and you should not cut your visit short. How to get there? You could take a tram from the city centre, either the modern or why not the museum version:

Or if you still happen to be in the Old Town, you can take the ferry from Skeppsbron/Slussen almost to the front door of the museum:

After your visit in the Vasamuseum, you can talk a walk to the area Östermalm, formerly a very poor area of Stockholm, now very fashionable. Visit the National Museum of Antiquities (although it might be easier to call it by its Swedish name, The Historical Museum) and learn about the history of Sweden or the vikings (did you know, they actually did not have horns on their helmets?). If you feel less cultural and more inclined to learn about Swedish cuisine, continue your walk to Östermalmshallen, the market and food hall in the centre of Östermalm.


In 72 Hours

After spending two days in Stockholm, possibly mainly in the city area, on your third day it might be time to extend your excursions to the surrounding areas. And, decisions, decisions, there are plenty of excursions to choose from and places to visit!

First of all, you cannot leave Stockholm after e few days, having to admit that you have not set foot on an island in the archipelago. And you do not have to go very far, take a boat from Slussen (The Lock) or the Royal Dramatic Theatre and 20 minutes later you are on Fjäderholmarna, the closest archipelago, a group of islands where you can take a walk, visit some local craftsmen, have lunch or dinner or learn from a guide about the turbulent history of the islands.

You could also choose to take a boat in the opposite direction, going west on the fresh water lake Mälaren, heading towards Drottningholm, the residence of the Royals in Sweden. Or actually now “only” the King and the Queen … Visit the palace, take a stroll in the garden and do not forget to visit the Drottningholm Theatre and listen to the sounds of thunderstorms created still by the original mechanisms of the theatre.