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 Sightseeing Tours


Visiting a new place, of course you want to go sightseeing. But where should you go, what tours should you choose? Maybe you don't feel like joining the crowds, listen to a guided tour via headsets in a bus or the noisy speaker of a bus or boat and want a more personal touch with your guide, the possibility to have a conversation, to ask questions, to feel that you have the full attention of your guide. We want to offer you that. And more.

Then what is a sightseeing tour, exactly? Do not think about it, we make this YOUR tour. A panoramic tour with a car, minivan or bus or why not on a boat will be the perfect base for your tour. We will combine it with a visit to and a walk in the Old Town, “Gamla Stan”, the historical centre of the city with its narrow alleys and medieval history. We might add a visit to and a tour in the Royal Palace and maybe the Cathedral, where Swedish kings were coronated and the Crown Princess Victoria got married. And of course no tours of Stockholm are complete without a visit to the famous Vasamuseum with the great and amazingly preserved warship from the 17 th century. We want you to have a great time and not wanting to ever leave!

Other suggestions we might have are combining a city tour with a visit to the City Hall from the early 20 th century , where we will show you the assembly hall of the City Council and where really to have a great party! This is where the Nobel Banquet takes place every year … Or why not take a tour with us with a special touch and theme, like following the characters of the famous Millennium books and films in their footsteps on the hills of Stockholm's largest island Södermalm? Or put a historical touch on your sightseeing tour? Combining going by car, boat or by foot?


Our sightseeing tours can last from two hours to a whole day, depending on how much time YOU have to spend. Our goal is that you at the end of the day feel not only that you had a great time, but also that you lernt a lot about Sweden, Stockholm, Swedish history and culture and everyday life … without even noticing. We want to give you the best experience possible.