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Shore Excursions

Stockholm is one of the major ports along the Baltic Sea and it has a lot to show. Every season, cruise ships with passengers from all over the world come to visit us and have a couple of hours to spend in port. Time which can seem short and you might not want to spend with the crowds. And we want to make it worth your while, helping you to spend the hours well. We want to make it worth your while.

 Stockholm is a real beauty on water, a city with centuries of exciting history to share and beautiful sights to visit. And there are many ways to tour Stockholm and its surroundings and we are happy to offer several for you to choose from. We want to invite you to walk the streets of the Old Town with us and hear the story of the small 13th century town growing into the largest city in Scandinavia. Let us show the city from the water during a boat tour or from a bus. Or why not on a bike? To us it is important that you at the end of the day feel that you had a great time and did not just follow the map of a guide book, but combined entertainment with learning about history, lifestyle and the fun parts (and sometimes maybe not even so fun parts) of daily life in Stockholm and Sweden.

 So let us welcome you to Stockholm. During this amazing full day tour you will see all the most popular sights and experience the best parts of the city with a local guide from Best of Stockholm and at the same time having a great time. The tour is perfect for you visiting us for the first time. Together, we'll see all of the things you would see on an ordinary tour and more - they're certainly worthwhile and tailor-made for you. But we will not stop at that. We will also show you all the special things that make Stockholm a great city, the Venice of the North. And since this is your private tour, your very own shore excursion, we will adjust the schedule of the tour, its duration and the activities in it to meet your very needs and wishes.

To arrange for your very own shore excursion during your time in port in Stockholm, please contact us for arrangements and suggestions, based on what you and your travel companions need and want.