Best of Stockholm Local Tours


Stockholm has more bridges than Venice and there is no better way to experience the city than from the water!

 Best of Stockholm works in collaboration with Ecotrip Stockholm

The two large lakes, the fresh water Lake Mälaren and the Baltc Sea, offer amazing waterways, the very best way to experience Stockholm. Best of Stockholm offers an experience on water further and beyond, eco-friendly boat tours on charming boats, your own private boat tour without disturbing noise or pollution, with your own private captain who is also an authorised multilingual guide, licensed buý the city council of Stockholm.


Ecotrip Boat Tour around Djurgården including the Vasamuseum

We offer you a very nice and pleasant boat tour, far from the crowds, around the island of Djurgården, “Animal Island”, the former Royal Hunting Park, now a large and popular recreation area, a bit of countryside in the centre of the city. During the tour, the boat will dock close to the Vasamuseum and the guide/skipper will take you for a tour of the museum, telling the story of a king’s dream of a great warship in the 17th century, which came true in a totally different way almost 350 years later.
The tour will end at a point of our suggestion and your choice.


Ecotrip Boat Tour around Djurgården and to the Closest Archipelago

Combine a boat tour around Djurgården with a visit to the archipelago closest to Stockholm. Fjäderholmarna is a group of four islands only a short boat tour away from the center of the city. The guide will take you for a tour on the largest of the four islands, sharing with you its rather turbulent history. There are several restaurants to choose from for a lunch break and some excellent spots for a picknick with a view over the Stockholm harbour.
The tour will then end at a point of our suggestion and your choice.


Stockholm by bike

Discover Stockholm on two wheels and get to see more. Biking in Stockholm is comfortable and fun and you get a much better feeling for the city and its surroundings than through the windows of a bus. Enjoy a piece of countryside right in the center of the city by biking along the shores of the island of Djurgården. Go for a coffee or ice cream break in the gardens of Rosendal. And continue along the shores of Stockholm and experience the true nature of Stockholm: one third green, one third blue, one third developed.