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Stockholm is a beauty on water, with centuries of exciting history to share and beautiful sights. Built on 14 islands between the Baltic Sea and the fresh water Lake Mälaren, it connects the waterways of the Scandinavian peninsula with the Stockholm archipelago and the open sea. Its official origin can be found in the 13 th century, when the elevation of the land had made some of the routes for sea travel through the Lake Mälaren less accessible and the area around Stockholm had virtually become the gate from the Baltic Sea into the Lake Mälaren and its settlements.  There are two famous letters signed by the city’s founder, Birger Jarl, in 1252, mentioning the name of Stockholm for the first time, so this is the year of Stockholm’s official beginning. A small city then, with around 100 settlers.  It has seen turbulent centuries since then, became the capital of Sweden, saw Sweden grow and develop into an independent kingdom , rise as a great power in and around the Baltic Sea. And fall. But Stockholm itself has never surrendered and has been left virtually untouched by misfortunate events of history  and can now combine old glory with exciting new architecture.